Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2013/2014

Ok I just need to win the lottery.. Sain't Laurent's AW13/14 collection is nearly flawless and it's nice to see male models that are as skinny as me haha! The only thing I don't like is that the brown shoes don't fit to every outfit they are in. More black leather boots would be perfect! I didn't find a better video and I collected the looks I like the most. There is a model who had a blog in the past ! His name is Valtor and his blog was the first one I've every read ! Crazy how you can follow people on their way when you know their blog.. He's the last one on the first picture.


TRIANGLE CLOUD hat gesagt…

I love this collection too and made a post about it, haha :D just like you

Thommy hat gesagt…

die models geil

dahi. hat gesagt…

das model mit den langen haaren sieht zwar etwas ... abgefuckt aus, aber die outfits sind SUPER