Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

Neighbours garden

Das Hemd hab ich von AdidasNeo und es ist mega bequem. Ich trags wirklich
unheimlich gern und am liebsten mit der grauen Weste. Zu Weihnachten hab ich
es mit ner schwarzen Fliege getragen und ich ärger mich ein bisschen, dass ich
damit kein Foto gemacht habe. :D Das Hemd hat noch ne total coole Überraschung,
die ich euch so bald wie möglich zeigen werde. Sowas hab ich noch nie zuvor
gehabt :D :-) Merry Christmas auch nochmal von mir.

Weste vintage, Schal Zara, Hemd AdidasNEO

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013


I don't know anymore if it's school or hell I go to every day. There are exams
almost every day and a new project begins after the old one finished. I'm
exhausted and more than happy that I'll have two weeks of vacation next week ! :-)
Currently I like to spend my free time in my bed. Sleeping, eating, procrastinating.
O. visited me at the weekend. We've been on the christmas market, spontaneous
had dinner in a restaurant and watched a lot of movies in bed.
It couldn't have been better!
I don't really like winter. I like it more when the sunshine wakes me up and it's
warm outside. It was nice to wear some winter clothes for a while (even though I
don't have much of them) but know it's time for summer again, haha.

(wearing AdidasNEO beanie and jacket)

Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim SS14 Jacket

If I'd own this jacket I could die a happy man. I hope god or santa reads my blog
and will bring me this stunning leatherjacket for christmas. (pic via