Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Some kind of photodiary

left : My 'goodest' friend and me in July 2012 // right : In a bar in Lübeck

left : Alice from Alicepoint and me at Fashion Week in July 2012 // right : super innovative picture of a sundown

both untitled

left : no words required // right : I thought I was looking like some kind of super hero

 left : exhibition at HAW Hamburg // right : boredom

left : untitled // right : friendship ring

left : untitled // right : lovely colours

left : untitled // right : me wearing my beloved first leatherjacket

left : I haven't been that close to ducks for ages // right : me and two of my best friends had a crazy day

left : details of my room // right : I spontaneous got my ear pierced a second time


DIEGOISTIC hat gesagt…

danke dir! :)

christoph a. hat gesagt…

Cooler Blog! Schöne Bilder :)

dahi. hat gesagt…

ich mag den globus :)