Montag, 20. August 2012

MBFW BERLIN // Behind the Scenes pt. 2

1. Strolling through Berlin, 2. Jeff's Outfit, 3. On the first day of Fashion Week Laura, Jeff, some friends of him and me ate at a korean restaurante. It was my first time and I really enjoyed it ! I don't know where it was but it's called YamYam and you defenitely need to check it out ! 4. On the way back to the fashion week tent, 5. A very talented streetmusican ! Click here to listen to his wonderful and magical music!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Great scenery you caught there with your camera. The first picture is the most wow one even it's only beanies and t-shirt.

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow, was für ein blog!
und was für ein schöner mensch!