Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

something is going to change

yesterday i went to hamburg to buy some new clothes. i was very excited because of a hugh vintage shop and the great sale at the weekday store. but it was very disappointing because i didn't find a lot. at the weekday store was absoloutly n o t h i n g for me. i just can't believe it! at the vintage shop i found a pullover (i love it), a tee and a shirt (last picture). at h&m i found really really great things. a tee (picture 1 + 2), a long johns (not really sure haha) and again a tee. when i was at zara i found two beautiful blaizer's but i had to decide for only one. it was a hard decision! one was in a pilot-style (you know?) and the other was just very classy and casual. i decided for the classy one and you can see it in the first picture. and yeah, that was it!
i look forward to find a friend who can take nice pictures of me so i can post my outfits more often and i also know what i can post on my blog!
more personal stuff and so on. don't get all weird because i may post a lot in the next few days. i hope you'll still love me ♥


Ariana hat gesagt…

tolle sachen, kai :)
ich war auch sehr enttäuscht vom sale allgemein. ich habe nichts gefunden außer ein paar basics. sehr langweilig! hoffe wir sehen uns bald ;)

francis hat gesagt…


Ejup Ferati hat gesagt…

tolle sachen hast du da gekauft! ;D

Anonym hat gesagt…

woher ist das tolle hemd aus dem zweiten bild? :)

Fie hat gesagt…

Ja das Hemd ist super! Und by the way.. Dein Blog auch! Du hast ne neue Leserin, ich verfolge dich nun ;)
Liebster Gruß von Fie

bels hat gesagt…

great post! lovely pictures.I like your blog

visit my blog if you want


Tatjana Liepelt hat gesagt…

your rad. we should follow each other.