Montag, 16. Dezember 2013


I don't know anymore if it's school or hell I go to every day. There are exams
almost every day and a new project begins after the old one finished. I'm
exhausted and more than happy that I'll have two weeks of vacation next week ! :-)
Currently I like to spend my free time in my bed. Sleeping, eating, procrastinating.
O. visited me at the weekend. We've been on the christmas market, spontaneous
had dinner in a restaurant and watched a lot of movies in bed.
It couldn't have been better!
I don't really like winter. I like it more when the sunshine wakes me up and it's
warm outside. It was nice to wear some winter clothes for a while (even though I
don't have much of them) but know it's time for summer again, haha.

(wearing AdidasNEO beanie and jacket)