Freitag, 8. Februar 2013


1) My new Do-It-Yourself piece. The shirt hang unworn in my closet for about one and a half years because it's a size too big. So I cut off the end a little bit and removed the collar. At first I was skeptical but I like the shredded looking ends more and more. Gives a kind of grunge / punk / rock look. You'll see it in an outfit soon !
2) I recently bought a new denimshirt at ZARA. Again it wasn't really cheap but totally worth the price! I love looking at it, I love wearing it, I love touching it and I love feeling it! :D :-)
3) Do you know the situation when you are at the hairdresser, he missunderstood your idea of your new haircut and at the end he's asking 'How do you like it ?' and you're like 'Oh it's perfect!' but in fact you just want to scream and cry ? That happened to me about a week ago.. You can't believe how unhappy I was because an undercut is the one haircut which I totally don't wanna have because it doesn't fit to my style. Actually I bet that my hairdresser is the best one in town and I even think that my haircut looks great but it's just not me. You feel me ?


klemen hat gesagt…

I love your new haircut. I think it is amazing.
And I like the idea of cutting off the collar of a shirt. Shirt looks much more "russian". =)

Viltė hat gesagt…

I just looove the denim shirt from zara, and your hair cut is beautiful!

Tyler Lim hat gesagt…

Your hair looks good!
I'm rocking undercut myself, its been months now, still loving it :)