Montag, 16. Mai 2011

if its wrong to tell the truth what am i supposed to do ? all i want to do is speak my mind

I'm absolutely bored so I decided to post something. I told you befor that I'll make pictures with my cousin but there were some trouble so we have to do it another day. On friday I met with a very good friend and I took photos of him. I didn't feel like getting photographed. It was a relaxing day and I really enjoyed it to do something with my friend again.
On saturday I first went to the confirmation of one of my cousins and in the evening I met with three friends to watch the Eurovision Song Contest! I think Ireland was best but I liked United Kingdom too. I love Lena so much but I felt that we won't win again but I hoped to be one of the best!
Sunday I went to a birthday party of my cousin.
The next days I'll show you some things that are on my birthday wishlist.
I hate it that I'm living in a small city without any good fashionstores or fashionable people so I really need to visit Hamburg again but I have to wait till my birthday. It's in June.
I love you all ♥

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